The Outsider


So what does the Outsider look like? A pale, bald humanoid wearing shimmering robes of gold and red, the Outsider’s yellow eyes glow with cosmic power.

His dimensions seem to change based on his whims. At one instant he is humansized, while the next he is the size of a small building. During various confrontations with the military and Earth’s super-humans, he demonstrated vast control over cosmic energy and the fundamental matter of the universe. He also had at his command a number of powerful robotic servitors strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Earth’s mightiest protector, Champion. He was only defeated when a strange alien device from his own lab was used against him, seemingly disintegrating the all-powerful being, leaving nothing but charred ground where he stood.


The Ousider’s past is a complete mystery.

The Outsider

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