The year is 2010. The Earth has been under the control of the V’sori Empire for over two years. Humans with extraordinary abilities, commonly known as superpowers, have existed for nearly a century. Those who used their powers for altruistic reasons were known as superheroes. It is believed somewhere around 98% of them have been killed by the V’sori.

Various resistance movements have been quashed by the V’sori, but the most promising has only just begun to act — Omega. Omega was started by the greatest criminal mastermind of the modern age, Dr. Destruction. Its members are largely made up of former superhumans the world once called villains. Dr. Destruction has said that only he is the rightful ruler of the earth — “not some alien scum from the back corners of the galaxy.”

Omega is organized into cells, each of which is only aware of the other members of its own cell to prevent betrayal. Cells are contacted with their mission information through blind drops, secret codes, and most commonly, encoded radio broadcasts.

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