Star City

The main action in Necessary Evil takes place in Star City. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and most every other major city in the US were rubbled by the V’sori. Star City was left curiously untouched by the aliens’ weapons of mass destruction. Large numbers of K’tharen and drones operate in the city, however, and seem to take the place of weaponry that might cause too much collateral damage.


This amazing island was created some time ago by a being of god-like power called The Outsider. The United States annexed Star Island after the Outsider was defeated and began a very expensive and high-profile scientific study of the island and its amazing ability to spawn superhumans. Two years of study at the taxpayers’ expense found no particularly useful results so it was sold off in parcels to the highest bidder.

Exactly why the Outsider created the island Star City now sits on, why so many superpowered beings are spawned here, and why the aliens don’t blast it into oblivion is a mystery your team may unravel as they fight for its survival. For now, know that Star City is your character’s home, and he’d best defend it with his very life. The future just might depend on it.

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Star City

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